Discover my advanced secret strategies to become a payment processing ninja & Incorporation and thrive globally, no matter where you are from.

ADIL MAF - Founder of PPS

Are you sick and tired of not being able to make your online business work just because you were born “on the wrong side of the map”?

I am Adil Maf and I’m originally from Morocco and now living in Brazil (Both countries are extremely limited in term of payment processing options). Years ago, when I decided I wanted to build my business online, I quickly discovered that there were no real options: most payment processors just could not be used to do business from my country.

Back then, there was no one offering any guidance… so I had to learn how to get around it all on my own. Eventually, after spending a lot of time and money, I managed to start my successful online business… and I became a payment processing expert.

Learn all the unique strategies I have discovered through thousands of hours in the trenches.

Since then, I have helped literally thousands of entrepreneurs from all over Africa, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe get access to payment processing and realize their dream of starting successful online businesses. 

I firmly believe that being born on the wrong side of the map should not restrict anyone from realizing their potential online. That’s why I want to present to you the resource I wished I had when I started…

I have been helping people from all over the world do business online since 2016. If they did it, so can you.

Payment Processing Secrets is for you if…

You want to build your business online as a digital marketer, dropshipper, freelancer, digital nomad, SaaS entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, infopreneur...
… But you are from a developing country where payment processing options are limited or non-existent, which basically means you’re cut off unless you figure this shit out! 
You are tired of wasting TIME and MONEY buying Stripe accounts that get banned after a few days, having your money on hold, losing days at a time figuring out how to make things work…
… And instead want exactly what you need to know FAST, at your fingertips and always up to date, so you can go ahead and build your dream business!

you want a proven process to set up your business offshore in the US/UK, starting an LTD or an LLC, and getting a UK/US PayPal and Stripe account without it getting banned.
If you want to master the number one survival skill for anyone born the wrong side of the map and that's Payment Processing 
If you are SICK and TIRED of having to figure out this whole process by yourself instead of working on your business — just because you don’t live in the “right” country!
​If you're looking for solid payment processing backups. As I always say with payment processing 1 simple rule,  BACKUP OF THE BACKUP OF THE BACKUPS!



This edition is PERFECT if you're about to start or if you're already in the battlefield but struggling with the accounts bans and the loss of time,  money and energy figuring out things by  yourself. It got EVERYTHING you need in your journey, Stripe, PayPal, their alternatives, Offshore  Incorporation, Taxes...It's the program I wish existed when I was just starting...



All that you need to know about stripe, like literally EVERYTHING. How to get Stripe US, how to get Stripe UK or even both, and the right secret step by step to follow.

The type of website you have 99% chances of approval if you apply to Stripe.

Stripe Atlas, Shopify Payment, Stripe Instant payout…this Module would end all your Stripe struggles for good. 



How to get your PayPal account up and running while avoiding costly mistakes. Follow the simple rules inside to get your PayPal UK or US account and avoid becoming the next victim of the PayPal ban hammer — and that means avoiding losing thousands of dollars. 



The best Stripe & PayPal alternatives for non-US/UK/EU residents. Stripe and PayPal are not the only payment processors out there — and it’s always good to have a backup. In this module, you’ll learn about 7 secret alternatives… golden knowledge that can save your business.



The worst poison for the health of your business? Payment processor verification. This module is the antidote. You will learn how to successfully pass any verification request you might get — and you’ll be prepared for whatever new bullshit Stripe or PayPal throws at you. This section is constantly updated when things change so you’re always ready. 



This module contains all the information you need about banking, debit cards, and virtual debit cards. You’ll learn how to get various bank accounts to use in your business, and how to get an unlimited number of debit cards to grow — no more Google ads & Facebook Ads debit card issues!



The complete toolkit you need to survive in payment processing as a non-US/UK/EU resident! With these tools, you’ll be able to evade automatic systems designed to root you out. Services for phone verification, the best VPNs to use as a non-US/UK/EU resident, and more.



All you need to know about incorporating your company in the United States in one place. You will learn the details of US incorporation, how to choose the right state for your company, what you need to know about the US tax system. Everything will be clear as day once you go through this module.



Everything you need to know about UK incorporation. All the information about the UK tax system as a non-resident, a step-by-step guide to forming your company from anywhere in the world, and more — in the end, you’ll be ready to get your LTD up and running in no time!

PPS STUDENTS EXCLUSIVE (Discounts, events, Offers...)


In addition to everything else, Payment Processing Secrets students get a whole bunch of other bonuses. 

- The first 100 to join would get 50% OFF for their incorporation with 1st Formations

- Any PPS student making beyond 30k/Month would get access to Payoneer VIP program (Account Manager, Lower Fees, Access to beta programs, possibility of lower currency conversion fees...) 

I help my ninjas worldwide to make money & GET PAID  👇

Marco (Indonesia)

YUSUF  (Turkey)

Katia ( Brazil)

Andres (Paraguai) 

Mohamed  (Morocco/Brazil)

Stop wasting time and money trying to figure out Stripe & Payment Processing on your own, I can help you and show you how to start processing payment FAST!



These 2 are by far one of THE MOST IMPORTANT modules as it covers in depth everything you need to know regarding your obligations when opening an LLC or LTD. 
I cover in depth how to deal with taxes in both the US and the UK. Tax module alone is worth the whole course in my opinion as it would save you thousands if not more in taxes. 


If you are serious about making it big with online business, this is the defining moment of your life.

This is the best time in history to start a business online, but so many of us are shut off by the lack of payment processing. 

With PPS, you won’t ever have to worry about it ever again — and you’ll finally be able to build the business of your dreams, "Payment Processing headache free".

Due to the high sensitivity of the secrets & methods I'm disclosing on PPS, the only way to access is by application, my goal isn't selling a lot of copies but selling to the "Right entrepreneurs" . Any leak or misuse of these strategies would put us all at risk. PPS is like these old black magic books in the movies that shouldn't be into the wrong hands otherwise the humanity is ruined 🙂

That’s why only the most serious entrepreneurs can join.
Click the button below to fill your application, and I’ll review it personally.


Any questions? You can find the most common questions answered here. If your question isn’t on the list, click here to send me an email!

Is it going to be updated?

Yes, Continuously

I applied to enroll to PPS and still no confirmation

A few applicants are accepted monthly due to the high sensitivity of the payment processing strategies I'm sharing. We try to keep the disclosed strategies in a small circle for the benefit of the community.  By applying you get added to the waiting list to be informed once some new slots are available. Appreciate your understanding. 🙏

What are the payment methods you accept

Transferwise, Payoneer, Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT). 

Can I have a discount?

YES, 5% OFF when you pay with cryptocurrency

How about the "Heavy Scalers" package at $1997?

The heavy scaler is no longer available. All slots sold out. 

My mission with PAYMENT PROCESSING SECRETS is to save you MONEY (Buying Stripe accounts that get banned fast, money hold, missing opportunities…) TIME (Days, weeks or eventually months lost digging for information, that is available one click away with this program) FRUSTRATION (All the frustration that comes with payment processing when you don't have the right secrets) 


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