IN 50% of the cases what blocks Dropshippers to go beyond $500-$1000 per day is MINDSET the other 50% is PAYMENT PROCESSING 

ADIL MAF Founder of Payment Processing Secrets

Hey parceiros! 

It’s Adil, I’m a payment processing expert and founder of PAYMENT PROCESSING SECRETS. I’ve also been helping people solving their payment processing issues since 2017, my videos on Youtube helped dozens of thousands of non-US/EU residents to fix the payment processing and focus on their business. I can help you too





Stop wasting time and money trying to figure out Stripe & Payment Processing on your own, I can help you and show you how to start processing payment FAST!

I help my ninjas to make money & get paid



Consulting available in: ENGLISH 🇺🇸/ FRENCH🇫🇷 / DARIJA🇲🇦

IMPORTANT: This service been closed since November 2020, I'm re-opening it for a few weeks before closing it again until 2022. 

When you have the right payment  SECRET 😉

With Payment Processing 1 simple rule: "BACKUP OF THE BACKUP OF THE BACKUPS!

BONUS: Lifetime FREE access to my Payment Processing forum & Private group.

Consulting available in: ENGLISH 🇺🇸/ FRENCH🇫🇷 / DARIJA🇲🇦

Questions? Email me at eliteaccelerator@gmail.com or reach out on Instagram @adil.maf


1 - Can you help me for free? I have just ONE question

I receive literally hundreds of DMS on Instagram, PM on the forum, FB messages, emails, Youtube comments you name it, daily asking free advice, I've tried to help but ended up losing hours responding to everyone and more importantly it was taking from the time I can dedicate to help my paying clients that have invested to get my time & my help. 
That's why I decided to open this service so I can focus on helping a small circle of serious entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in their business and want some solid payment processing solutions. 

2- Can you open a Stripe or PayPal account for me?

Better, I will show you the right process adapted to your specific needs to go an open it by yourself, I won't give you the fish I'll teach you fishing 😉

3- Other than your fees how much investment do I need to open STRIPE?

It start at $70 more less if it's for a Business Stripe or PayPal.

4- Do you think you can help me to open a Stripe, Paypal or offshore company as a non resident? 

Yes in most cases, unless if you live in the following countries: 
Cuba, Iran or North Korea, In this case it's pretty hard. 

5- What's the success rate following your strategies?

Well,  let's say that if you do everything by yourself you have 15% success rate and following my methodology we will take it to 95% 😉 

6- Is it the same information then what you share on Youtube?

Youtube is less than 10% of the information, I can't share everything publicly as they get saturated FAST (Stripe US method, Stripe UK method, Bluesnap.... all these got saturated few months after I shared them on my Youtube channel). 

7- Can I get a discount? 

Yes, if you pay with Payoneer you get a 5% OFF.

8 - Why not a course? 

For 2 main reasons 
1- Every case is different, and with my consulting each client is getting a personalised help adapted to his specific situation. 

2- A course like a Youtube video might get spread very fast and all the strategies stop working so we all get fu*ked haha.  

9 - Can I message dozens times a day during the follow up period? 

I would love to BUT my time is extremely limited with all the businesses I run, I might recommend you to reach out when you feel like really stuck and share with me your biggest struggle so I can steer you the right direction.

If you want more, I do have a mentorship program where you get access to me daily, it's $3000/Monthly, if interested check out this link

10 - How many questions can we cover during the Call?

It depends in average average each call we cover 1 to 3 main questions for the Starter package.

11 - How about TAXES?

I'm not a Tax expert, but I can share with you the strategies implemented by myself and hundreds of my clients, either beginners or 6, 7 figures earners and you'll chose the one that works best for you. 

12 - What payment do you accept?

Payoneer (You get 10% OFF), Credit Card Transferwise, Bank Transfer and Bitcoin.

13 - Can I also ask you an entrepreneurship or Dropshipping related question?

Of course! If we have some remaining time you can ask me anything

14 - Can I have a bonus? 

If you want you can get my course eCom Elite Accelerator as a bonus for FREE (Sold $147 right now). Just ask parceiro 😉 

Knowing how to make money without knowing how to get paid is USELESS.
I'll show you how to GET PAID.

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